4 Merits of Using Bluetooth Technology Innovations in Shipping & Logistics

Ever since it was invented the Bluetooth technologies has managed to predate the usage of the IoT (Internet of Things) in the society. The ease at which files can be transferred between devices has been enhanced thanks to Bluetooth. By forming the subset of the “internet of things”, Bluetooth has managed to expand its advantages and use even with the shipping companies. The stakeholders in the shipping industry need to take a closer look at the benefits of using this widespread technology and how they will improve the operation of the industry.

Below are the merits of using the Bluetooth Technologies in shipping and logistics companies. The following four categories show the places and sections in the logistic industry that will benefit most if the technology is used.

  1. No more use of manual scanning by shipping companies

The machines and equipment that are Bluetooth-enabled are more efficient and hence no need for manual scanning of packages. The IoT devices can automatically detect other devices and machines in the warehouses, container/shipment, hence triggering the automatic update of information in the particular transportation management system. Such technical ability allows logistics providers to minimize the amount errors experienced during manual scanning, ensure that all the packages have been recorded and account for when they are being picked, packaged and loaded. This will also reduce the workload of employees.

  1. Offering a more secured data-exchange platform for Short Distances

The two main concerns of all logistics providers are security and privacy. Since the Bluetooth-enabled technologies is not automatically connected to the web or internet. The logistics provider will have to supply this information to the current transportation management system. Bluetooth technologies offer a more secured way of communicating information and details about the products and the shipment, without fear of the system being hacked and the information being accessed by the wrong parties. This allows logistic providers to determine and monitor specific functions and activities without transferring any information to another system.

  1. Decreased in the carbon footprint

For many years now the whole world has been campaigning for a greener society. Even the shipping and logistics industry has been constantly put in the spotlight on its contribution to the carbon footprint. The Bluetooth technologies are praised because they few of the global technologies that use very minimal energy to operate. Bluetooth enabled machines will reduce the operating costs like data costs, material costs and electricity. This in turn will reduce the global carbon footprint. Many courier service companies in the shipping industry have embraced environmentally friendly operations and processes. More use of the technology will improve the public perception of the industry and might even result into more favorable tax breaks from governments.

  1. Alignment with the management systems that are mobile-based

The push for timely inventory management in the industry and decisions that are data-driven, will become an essential section on the use of the Bluetooth technologies, which is increasing each day. When using the technology a logistic provider has the capability of collecting and taking inventories from his mobile device of every item that is within 200 feet of the selected area. The Bluetooth technology enhances accountability and visibility in the entire supply chain.

The Bluetooth technologies have become the current technology that is expected to take the global industry to new heights. Shipping in Canada has benefited from his technology. This technology will definitely transform the operations of the shipping industry. The technology not only enhances efficiency, but reduce operation costs.


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