7 Tips to Protect Your Business from International Shipping Scams

The business of shipping goods and products from organizations to their destination points has been steadily growing over the years with international shipping becoming more complicated by the day. And that is the reason why freight forwarders and Canadian trucking companies exist ; to help cover all the international shipping details of your items so that you can focus more on your business even as your goods are in transit.

Unfortunately, sometimes you find that some shippers rush into transactions with fishy shipping companies and end up getting scammed.

Yes, even business shipping has scam artists lurking about. Take, for example, the Medrano Express where a lot of shippers ended up being scammed when the company ended up filing for bankruptcy with many shipments and orders yet to be fulfilled. Who knows if those shippers will ever get compensated for all the products they lost?

This article aims to teach you on some of the best processes and ways you can ensure you don’t get scammed even as you prepare to ship your products internationally.

1. Google the company

A quick search on the company you are about to hire to transit your goods can say a lot about the company. Search for the details of the company online; on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other reputable online search engine. Look at their reputation. There may not be many scam freight forwarders or shipping companies out there but failing to do adequate research on the one you want to use may end you up in hot soup.

2. Check the comments and reviews

One very great thing that the internet comes with is that people now have space where they can share their experiences with different products and services. Check for the shipping company’s comments and reviews and look at how other customers and users view their services. People will never fail to warn others about a bad or scam company especially after they have had a bad experience with it.

3. Check the BBB rating of the company

These ratings go from A to F+. Not all businesses go through the BBB rating though. So, you can’t rely much on it. Though it can tell you a lot about the shipping companies that use it. Shipping companies with good BBB ratings are the best and safest for shipping your cargo. Medrano Express had a BBB rating of F. a clear sign to stay away.

4. Don’t decide using the freight rates

Never use the freight rates your number one priority when looking to hire a shipping company to ship your goods. Instead, consider other important factors like the customer service and experience. Good services will ensure your goods reach their destination. Remember, cheap is expensive.

5. How long has the shipping company been in business?

This point usually points out to all reputable businesses. It’s a fact that the businesses that have been in business a lot longer are more reliable, trustworthy and reputable compared to the newer fresher ones. Being a freight forwarder is not as hard, but being a good freight forwarder takes a lot of time and experience which the newer freight forwarders in the industry may not entirely have.

  1. Check the shipping company’s references

Ensure to check the shipping company’s references before you hire them. Never take their word for it. If a shipping company can’t provide you with its references, then look somewhere else. Only work with a shipping company that has a track record of good customer service.

  1. Make sure the agent handling your shipments is actually employed by the company.

Yes! This can also be an issue in the shipping business where you don’t look into who you are giving entitlement to handle your goods during shipment only to realize that he/she “played” you and disappeared with your products. Ensure you only work with legit agents of the company you are hiring to handle your shipments.

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