Four Ways to Save Money on Product Packaging

Reducing overhead is a goal that you may regularly work toward in an effort to bolster your profit. There are numerous steps that most businesses can take to trim their budget, but an often-overlooked area relates to packaging supplies and product packaging. This is an expense that is related to each product that your company produces, so it can be tremendous. You may be able to save money on your commercial or industrial packaging efforts by turning your attention to these tips.

1. Adjust the Size and Shape of Your Packaging

Something as simple as changing the size and shape of your product packaging can have a major impact on overhead. Remember that the external packaging plays a role on the type and amount of internal packaging supplied needed to protect your products. More than that, the dimensions may affect the size of the larger box or pallet that they are shipped with.

2. Focus on Internal Packaging Supplies

Regardless of whether you use cardboard boxes or other types of shipping materials, you must turn your attention to the supplies used inside the packaging. For example, the cost of bubble wrap to protect fragile items is different than the cost of using firm plastic with twisty tie elements. If your external shipping packaging is not as protective, you may need to use more protective internal packaging supplies and materials.

3. Alter Your Materials

The type of materials that are used for your external packaging is also important when you want to keep overhead as low as possible. This includes the type of container that the product is given to customers in as well as the industrial packaging that is used to ship items together. For example, you may use a plastic bottle to hold your liquid product, but you may need to use cardboard boxes to ship dozens of bottles to stores to be sold. Both of these materials can potentially be altered to save money. For example, a lighter weight plastic could be used to save money on the material and on shipping costs. You can learn more information at Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd.

4. Think About Packaging Weight

All of your product packaging and shipping packaging affects the cost of shipment. The weight of these materials as well as the amount of materials used can result in higher or lower shipping costs. While you need to protect your goods from damage, you also need to find the most cost-effective materials to use.

As you can see, product packaging plays a major component on your overhead. More than that, it can affect how your customer uses the product, the condition that the product is in when it arrives at the marketplace and more. Analyzing your current packaging and shipping efforts is a smart idea if you want to reduce overhead.

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Essential Tips for Hiring a Professional Plumber

Whether it is about emergency plumbing requirements or annual inspection, you need to hire a qualified yet affordable plumber. Hiring plumbers is a critical decision that every homeowner needs to take seriously. Only a qualified and experienced plumbing company can handle some delicate home components such as drains, faucets, piping, and water heaters. Failure to hire a highly qualified company can lead to future problems. Consider these essential factors before hiring a plumbing service.


Before hiring a plumbing company, ask how long they have been doing the job. Hiring a reputable drainage system company can be advantageous. Most of these companies have several plumbers with vast experience in the field. Experienced plumbers guarantee quality work.


When looking for professional drainage system services, it is always advisable to hire an insured plumber. Insurance is essential to protect your property and the plumber if any accident occurs. The information on the ExpressRooter Plumbing website may have additional insights and can provide you with further support.


In nearly all states in Canada, it is mandatory for the plumbers to be licensed. All professional plumbers in Canada must undergo proper training and hold a license. Licensing helps you determine whether there are legal complaints filed against your plumbers.


Professional plumbers should be in a position to assess your problems accurately and provide effective solutions. They should provide you an accurate estimate for the drainage system solution. In your quest for professional plumbing services, ask for at least three estimates from different plumbers to decide which estimate fits your budget. Estimates can help you verify whether the plumbers are cutting costs at the expense of poor services. Compare the prices carefully and note that the lowest bidder may not be the best bargain. Note that highly experienced plumbers may charge a little more for their services. Understand the charges before the work commence. It may be a flat rate or an hourly labor fee.


Note that some plumbers don’t provide warranty on their services. However, many professional plumbers, Canada give warranty for their services and accessories as well. If you find that a plumber doesn’t want to give warranty on their services, look for another plumbing service provider.


A skilled plumbing service provider will always be eager to show his proficiency in the previous projects. Ask where they have previously completed a project. You may even contact a few of the references to confirm whether the final cost was as estimated. Ask whether the quality of the work still holds up since the work was done and if it completed on schedule. Importantly, contact one of the references who had a similar project as yours. By contacting a few references, you can accurately determine whether the plumbing service provider will deliver quality work.

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Software That Is Field Service Industry Specific

The field service industry has different demands than others. When technicians are being sent to all areas for a variety of reasons, field service management software is a way to help bring all of the needed elements together for the best customer service experience possible.

Developing a Dependable Reputation

Making appointment times appropriately is one way to develop a reputation for dependability. Software apps include mapping so that your technicians will easily find their way from job to job. It reduces the possibilities of getting lost and being late for the next appointment. All critical information can be stored in the app for later retrieval.

Staying On Track With a Daily, Weekly and Monthly Schedule

Repeat customers are the life blood in the field service industry. many customers want to be placed on a revolving schedule that could be weeks down the line. Being able to add the desired schedule dates and times as you go will keep everything flowing and organized. All gathered information for future services can be accessed by supervisory and management staff in real-time. Additional resources can be found at Miracle Service.

Availability for Emergency Service and Preventative Maintenance

Knowing right where your field service technicians are at any time of the day or night gives you an edge. You can better answer the calls for emergency needs and unexpected preventative maintenance jobs. You will know at a glance when there is an open spot in the schedule of your technicians. A service technician can be dispatched quickly to the emergency situation and build an even more solid reputation for dependable service.

Ability to Schedule Out In the Field

Growing a business means getting the word out that you are available and the services provided by your company. You may have a field service technician approached on the job requesting more information, or in need of an estimate for a job of their own. The technician can document the contact information and even schedule an appointment right there in the field. Field service scheduling is an invaluable tool in the service industry. It is an added benefit of waiting for people to see your adds and calling the office.

Instant Invoice Generation

Getting paid is an important part of staying a viable business. The right service management software will help by allowing immediate and accurate invoicing. You can be sure that the service technician has received payment for services rendered before leaving the location. There can be payment methods available that are easier for you and the customer to handle the invoice immediately. You can even use included accounting software that will help you track sales and service performance weekly, monthly and annually.

Contact a service industry management software expert today and see what the right app can do for your business!

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Get Your Taste of Wine Encrypted On the Package

It suffices to say that wine is one of the most consumed drinks in the planet and its global demand glides as high as a parakeet. Packaging is intrinsic to the trade of selling wine, especially at the point of transit from the seller to the purchaser. As a matter of fact, the packaging of wine does not only prevent the wine from getting damaged but also increases the value of the wine. This is in the sense that the crafting and customization of wine packages has become an invigorate part of most economies.

Packaging of wine is a practice that has transgressed various stages of development. It traversed the period when packaging was simply done using plastic products to an age where wood is one of the most preferable and profitable materials for packing.

The Advent of Wooden Wine Boxes In the Sphere of Packaging

Wooden wine boxes have increasingly become popular with time and have become a major source of income since it has a multitude of dynamics that make it suitable to maneuver the economy. A standard wine box should surpass the following parameters:

  • It has to be made of 100% natural wood. This ensures that the box is terrifically durable and one of a kind.
  • The most preferable type of wood that should be used is pine. This gives the box the requisite weight, firmness and an elegant and natural apparition.
  • They should be designed in such a way that a 750 ml wine bottles can fit into them.

When the aforementioned specifications are met, the wooden box begets a distinct quality from other regular and ordinary box packages. It is also prudent to underscore the different styles that wooden wine boxes can come in, including the cylindrical shaped boxes, the sliding lid boxes, the boxes with inset lids and the hinge-lid boxes.

Why It Is Plausible To Use Wooden Wine Boxes

Wooden boxes are magnificent as they can be crafted into different designs and carefully wrought to customize their looks. It is acceptable to use them for the following reasons:

  • Wooden boxes are reusable. A box used to package a bottle(s) could be used to package another.
  • Wooden boxes are friendly to the ecosystem. The rational of this assertion is that they are made from recoverable and resources.
  • They do not contribute to greenhouse gases and they produce minimal waste.

Custom Wood Gift Boxes

Another noteworthy aspect of wooden wine boxes is that they can be magnificently wrought, crafted and finessed into a catalogue of exhilarating designs. As a consumer, you may wish to see your name or nickname christened and embodied on the package of your favorite drink. Custom wood gift boxes give you this pleasurable feeling as you are able to get any text, design or logo etched on the boxes. This is facilitated by an ultra-modern engraving machine.

Bottom Line

It is vital to be a person of very specific taste; in fact, your taste of wine could ostensibly earn you more friends than your Facebook account does. However, one doesn’t need to take a sip of your wine to establish what exactly your taste is—it should all be embodied on the package that your wine comes in. The Ekan Concepts inc website can provide you with additional resources.

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Signs That a Metal Roof Might Be Right for Your Home

If you have been looking into your roofing options for your home, you might have thought about going with a traditional option, such as asphalt shingles. In fact, you might have asphalt shingles on the top of your home right now. However, in many cases, working with a sheet metal fabrication company and having sheet metal roofing installed on your home can be the best choice. These are a few signs that this might be something that you’ll want to look into when choosing a new roofing option for your home.

You Want a Roof That Will Last

One of the main things that many people love about metal roofing is the fact that it lasts for many years. Even though a good asphalt shingle roof that has been installed properly can last for many years, a metal roof can last for twice as long or longer. This can save you money over the length of time that you live in your home and can help you avoid having to worry about roofing for a long time to come.

You Want to Minimize Maintenance

Not only are metal roofs designed to last for a long time, but additionally, you do not have to worry about a lot of maintenance. For example, if you live in an area where heavy winds can become a problem, you do not have to worry about shingles coming off like you do if you have an asphalt shingle roof. You do have to perform basic maintenance like cleaning off your roof and making sure that your gutters are working as they are supposed to, but when compared to the maintenance that goes along with other roofing options, you are sure to find that a metal roof is really easy to take care of.

You Are Willing to Make an Investment

If you are looking for the absolute cheapest way to build a roof on your home, you are probably going to find other options that are more affordable than a metal roof, such as asphalt shingles. There is nothing wrong with being on a tight budget, but if you are willing and able to make a bit more of an investment in your home, metal roofing might be something that you will want to look into. If you shop around and hire the right roofing contractor, you can still get good deals on a metal roof.

As you can see, there are many situations in which a metal roof can be the best choice for a home. If these things apply to you, you might want to consider this roofing option next time that you are in the market to re-roof your home. Visit the Heather and Little website for more information.

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When to Upgrade Older Fire Alarm Systems

Knowing when to replace outdated fire alarm systems can ensure that property owners are able to get the most use and value out of existing fire systems. While the installation of more modern and sophisticated alarm systems may involve considerable expense, especially for larger buildings and commercial properties, the latest features and options that only the most sophisticated life safety systems are able to provide can significantly reduce safety risks and concerns. Assessing the current state of alarm monitoring and safety equipment as well as possessing a better understanding regarding the features and options that the latest systems are able to provide can ensure that property owners are able to make more informed decisions regarding an upgrade or system replacement.

Assessing and Testing Older Alarm Monitoring Equipment

Even the most well-made equipment can wear out or break down once it reaches a certain age. The first step in determining when to upgrade an older fire alarm system is to inspect and test existing equipment. Fire alarm systems that are unable to provide dependable performance, accurate detection and monitoring or effective early warning in the event of a possible safety issue may be little more than a liability. Property owners should also consult local building and fire codes in order to ensure that current fire systems comply with any relevant regulations.

Making the Switch to Wireless Systems

Conventional alarm systems are typically designed to transmit signals and information to an off-site monitoring station through telephone lines. Upgrading to wireless life safety systems can provide a range of benefits that include remote system operation and smart-home integration. While older systems and conventional equipment options may be more than adequate when it comes to detecting a potential safety hazard, newer-model systems may offer a number of features that can provide a superior level of convenience, security or peace of mind. Households that rely on mobile phones rather than a conventional land line and those who are seeking to integrate fire alarm systems alongside lighting and climate control would do well to explore their options.

Discussing Installation and Equipment Options With a Professional

Speaking with a service provider can be very helpful for those who have questions regarding the current state of their equipment or the potential benefits that more sophisticated fire systems may have to offer. Detailed information regarding equipment options and installation services can also ensure that households are able to make more effective and successful decisions regarding a possible upgrade to their life safety systems. Arranging to have a system tested or installed by a professional may eliminate many of the concerns that stem from user error, improper operation or mistakes made during the equipment testing or installation process. You can find additional resources by visiting Chubb Edwards.

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Trending Qualities of a Reliable Restaurant Equipment Supplier for a Startup

As a hotel manager, the decisions you make will determine the direction the business will take. Remember that food service is a highly sensitive industry and a single mistake can see you out of the door before you have time to rectify it. If you are just starting, one of the most important decisions that you will have to make is where to buy your hotel equipment.

Considering that every restaurant supply store is claiming to be the best, it is not easy to make a reliable choice. Nevertheless, it is not so hard. Top suppliers have certain qualities that you’ll hardly find in most of the others.

All Equipment under One Roof

Moving from one supplier to the next searching for one piece of equipment or another is not likely to do any good to your time or pocket. Therefore, the first proof that the restaurant equipment store is serious about its business is stocking everything that a restaurant owner may need. In addition, there is a chance of getting offers and discounts reserved for customers who buy many different items or single items in bulk.

Financing Options

Some startups do not have enough money for the purchase of all the needed equipment. Therefore, if a store has financing options that would enable them get the equipment under a payment plan, it should be highly regarded. The options afford startup restaurants a chance to offer their customers high quality service that plays a big role in establishment and growth of the business.

Installation Services

The days when restaurant equipment sellers used to close the deal at the store are long gone. Due to increasing competition, most suppliers provide installation services as a way of retaining old customers and winning over new ones. The better ones go a step further and offer repair and maintenance services. In the end, there will be no unnecessary wastage of time and loss of revenue as a result of failed equipment.

Fair Prices

It may seem such an obvious point. Of course, you are startup and you must appreciate anything that results to lower operational costs. Therefore, you should go for the supplier offering the lowest price. However, you may be wrong.

Low prices are good but they are not often paired with high quality. The trick is not to go for too low but don’t dig too deep into your pockets. Conduct a little bit of research before making a purchase.


There are various other ways of picking just the right restaurant equipment supplier. Look for a store that will try to establish a good business relationship and really factors in your interests. The more helpful ones will even offer advice on the most suitable equipment for every need, the best way to use the equipment and how to keep them in good condition. Visit Nella Cutlery to learn more.

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Using Restaurant Pagers to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Ever since the LRS’s invention of the pagers for restaurants in the late 80s, the way restaurant owners manage their waiting lists has been revolutionized. Restaurant paging systems are an excellent tool to help improve customer service and increase sales. Communication between the kitchen and floor staff is seamless; seating becomes efficient, and the entire restaurant atmosphere is less hectic and serene. However, the greatest benefit of the pager system for restaurants is the level of customer satisfaction it affords.

Here is how restaurant pagers increase customer satisfaction

Locate guests more promptly and increase your table turns. You want your restaurant to be full, but this can sometimes be chaotic. Using pagers for restaurants will reduce this chaos! A system such as iQueue, for example, enables you to monitor available tables electronically. It also links the customers’ pagers to your system. This means there will be faster table turns and clients will be seated more quickly.

Establish a quieter and organized waiting atmosphere

Often, when the restaurant is busy, getting a server’s attention can be difficult. This makes the customer feel uncomfortable as they have to call out and wave at the servers to get their attention. The Long Range System eliminates this awkwardness since customers are able to simply push a button to get the help they need from the staff.

Customers have the freedom to go outside or visit the bar

With pager system for restaurants, customers can relax and enjoy the entire dining experience. Instead of crowding the lobby, customers can go onto the patio or bar with the pager and get comfortable, while waiting to be alerted when tables become available. Also, customers are more likely to use more cash on drinks and appetizers, thus increasing revenue for your restaurant.

The good thing is that the LRS consolidates mobile text messaging with restaurant pagers so, you can send text updates to the guests’ phones to alert them on the available space wherever they are.

Boosts staff efficiency

Restaurant Paging systems allow staff to be paged immediately the food is ready and still hot. This eliminates reheats and also increases server efficiency.

Restaurant pagers are an important aspect of improving customer satisfaction. You will be able to turn tables faster, seat more guests and boost the revenue of your restaurant. With just a flash, beep, vibration or voice message, restaurant pagers will help your guests know that their table is ready. If your customers are quickly and efficiently served and entertained, they will likely recommend your restaurant to friends and family and also become repeat customers.

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Overcoming the Limitations of Leak Detection Equipment

Most FlexPak package leak detection equipment performs as well as expected. However, it is true that some are better than others. In addition, many people wrongly believe that detectors will help find every leak, every time they are put into use.
Be Realistic about Your Equipment’s LimitationsWhile most leak detection equipment are built to perfection, none can be used to find out every kind of leak. Nevertheless, many users ignore the limitations of their detectors and techniques, which in the end lead to frustrations. For instance, a leak that may be overlooked by the injected dye technique can easily be found with an ultrasonic leak detector. While this does not, in any way, mean that the injected dye technique is inefficient, it is confirmation that it cannot work in every situation.

Visual Detectors

Visual leak detectors include fluorescent dyes and bubble solutions. The former make use of ultraviolet lamps and illuminate when injected into the system. They are great in finding small leaks. On the other hand, bubble solutions are best used to find areas where leaks are most likely to occur since they are highly sensitive.

While the efficiency of both techniques is above reproach, there should be access to the leak by the lamp. Additionally, the leaks must be accessible by the eye. This means that they must be within the user’s line of sight for them to be found out.

Sniffer Detectors

These types of detectors are usually used to find out refrigerant gas leaks. They are highly sensitive to very little gas traces and they are popular with manufacturers of packages whose aim is to detect leaks which loose only a few ounces after a long period. However, there will be no alarm if the gas does not pass through the sniffer detectors sensor. In addition, it would be hard to capture the gas in windy situations since it is likely to be blown around.

Listening Detectors

The detectors help find out ultrasonic leak sounds that cannot be detected by the ear. They are incredibly efficient in picking out the smallest sounds even in the absence of high pressure. Nevertheless, they are limited to sound and may be helpless when it comes to detecting gas leaks. Further, they are designed to pick out a certain sound band and may be, therefore, inefficient, in finding out sounds produced by the usual operations such as traffic, voices and noise coming from the wind.


Leak detection is one of the most important stages in product packaging. However, many manufactures of packages depend too much on the sensitivity of the equipment. Often, they overlook other important factors including the environment and nature of the package. Remember, no leak detection equipment is fully efficient in picking out every type of leak in every situation. Ensure that you understand the limitation of every equipment and technique in order to avoid frustrations and losses brought about by picking the wrong equipment for the job. For more information visit FlexPak.

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Supplies Needed To Open A Pizzaria

If you make good pizza, people will flock to your store no matter how many other pizzerias there may be in town. Whether you want to make a great New York thin crust pizza or a Chicago deep dish, what type of supplies will you need to get your company off of the ground? To ensure that you have more time to make a successful delivery, you should invest in a number of insulated pizza food delivery bags.

Look Into Retail Space

While customers may be able to order your pizza online, you won’t be able to make it in a warehouse and ship it to consumers. Therefore, you will need to find a retail space large enough for a commercial kitchen and with enough space left over for a dining area. Ideally, you will situate yourself in a spot where there is a lot of foot traffic during the evening and overnight hours when people are most likely to buy your pie.

A Commercial Oven Is a Must

You will need an oven with which to bake your pizza. Ideally, it will be able to cook a pizza in 15 minutes or less, which gives you time to deliver in 30 minutes or less. It also ensures that customers picking up their pizza don’t have to wait too long for their meal. Once it comes out of the oven, make sure it stays hot by putting it in insulated pizza delivery bags.

Don’t Forget the Raw Ingredients

You won’t be able to make your pizza without dough, sauce and cheese. You should also look into other common ingredients such as pepperoni, sausage and chicken. As customers may want to customize their pizza or order it to satisfy their own unique tastes, it may be worthwhile to offer alternate toppings like pineapple, anchovies or peppers.

The Insulated Bags Keep the Food Nice and Hot

When delivering a pizza, the goal is to get it to the customer as soon as possible so it doesn’t get cold. To ensure that you have more time to make a successful delivery, you should invest in a number of insulated pizza delivery bags. They are relatively inexpensive and can be reused a number of times before they need to be replaced. Therefore, they offer an affordable way to keep your customers happy while adhering to your high standards of pizza quality.

Starting your own pizzeria can be a great way to make money and have fun making the food that you love. No matter what type of pizza you make or who you cater to, make sure that you have the basic supplies to serve your customers no matter how many may be in your store. You could potentially find more information at Covertex Corporation,which has additional resources available on their website.

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Popular Kitchen Equipment

Whether you are just opening up a restaurant or looking for equipment that will help to make your life easier, you can find used kitchen equipment that can be affordable and reliable. By buying popular commercial kitchen equipment, you can discover the best ways to run a commercial kitchen with ease and skill. It is important to buy certified equipment that you know will work. When it comes to your business, only the best equipment should be used.

Commercial Ranges and Ovens
The size of your stove and oven will depend on the amount of people you are planning on feeding on a daily basis. It is important to choose a commercial stove that has the number of ranges that will work best for your kitchen based on the volume of food you will be preparing. You may want to find a four-burner range and a single standard oven if you have a small diner. If you are going to be cooking different foods, you may want a six-burner range. There are also 10-burner ranges available with double ovens and much more. The right option will just depend on your commercial needs.
Commercial Convection Oven
This type of oven is going to help your foods to cook evenly. Bakers and many other professionals choose to have a commercial convection oven in their kitchen to help them prepare foods with skill.Microwaves

Commercial microwaves are often more powerful than regular microwaves that you would buy for personal use. You can find different sizes and power levels to meet your unique needs.


Fryers are a popular choice when it comes to commercial kitchen equipment. You should look for fryers that can handle the amount of food that you plan on using. Consider 15-pound options on up to 100-pound options or more. There are all sorts of choices in between as well. Whether you plan on cooking fried chicken wings, french fries, or many other food choices, a quality certified fryer is going to be a great investment.

Commercial Refrigerators and Coolers

Keep your foods at the right temperature, with quality commercial refrigerators and coolers. There are many different sizes available. Choose one that will work best for your unique kitchen needs.

Other Commercial Kitchen Equipment

You may also want to consider food-prep tables or ice machines. Sinks and shelving are also going to be important for many people. By choosing the best equipment, you can enjoy having the tools you need for your kitchen. You may be able to learn more information at Silver Chef Canada.

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