Centipede Control In Toronto

While there are many insects that can challenge a homeowner’s ability to keep their living space tidy and appealing, centipedes can be particularly problematic. However, Toronto citizens can ensure that their homes become or remain free of these pesky insects by learning more about them and viable solutions for infestation. To learn more about centipede control, please read the brief outline found below. Ask for help and special price online.

Centipedes: A Brief Overview
House centipedes are a specific form of the insect that can live in the indoors, especially within damp areas such as bathrooms, cellars, basements, unexcavated areas, and crawlspaces. Typically, centipedes can be seen running across the floor at great speed, and they will stop moving suddenly to try to hide themselves. In most cases, house centipedes pose no substantive threat to the house structure, the owner’s possessions, and food items. However, some centipedes are prone to biting if they are handled poorly. These bites are potentially dangerous given that they can generate pain and swelling comparable to that of a bee sting.

Identifying House Centipedes
As arthropods, centipedes have long, segmented bodies that are accompanied by a pair of legs attached to each segment. House centipedes can reach a length of 1.5 inches, and they will have 15 pairs of slender legs. Each leg will be encircled with light and dark bands. The body of the centipede will range from grayish-yellow to brown and have three dark stripes along the top.

House Centipede Removal
In order to ensure that your house remains free of centipede infestation, it is advantageous to seek assistance from a professional centipede control company. A professional Toronto Centipede Control company will possess the experience and expertise necessary to eliminate the problem. Typically, professionals will first perform a thorough inspection in order to determine where any and all centipedes are hiding. (This could be: crevices, cracks, openings in concrete slabs, crawl spaces, basements, etc.)

Centipede Prevention
Like creatures such as shrimp, crayfish, and lobsters, centipedes are dependent on high humidity and moist habitat for survival. Therefore, one of the primary strategies that should be utilized for the purpose of centipede prevention is keeping your home dry. Another strategy that can be utilized to control centipedes in your home is to keep all compost piles, rotting wood, old boards, stones, leaves, grass clippings, and other matter far from the foundation of your building. This matter should be kept at least three feet from the home’s foundation, thereby allowing the surface of the soil around your home to dry via exposure to sunlight and air circulation.

Toronto residents who are serious about eliminating pesky centipedes from their home should know that help is available. By attaining professional assistance from a knowledgeable pest control company, you can make your centipede infestation a thing of the past.

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