Eco-Friendly Mold Removal

There are many homeowners in Canada who have mold problems. In most cases, mold commonly grows in showers and basements. Although most water damage companies use chemicals to remove mold, there are also mold removal procedures that involve methods that benefit the environment. For example, most Canadian homeowners use tea tree oil to remove mold. Most of these techniques are using.

Benefits Of Using Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil is a great product that can successfully remove mold in the safest way possible. However, the oil is not cheap; it is somewhat expensive. Although the product is pricey, only a tiny amount is needed to remove mold from various areas of the home. Tea tree oil can be purchased at online stores. It is also sold at many Canadian health food stores. Tea tree oil contains a fungicide, and it has a strong odor. Though, the odor is not has harsh as chlorine fumes. To use the product on mold, place it in a spray bottle with water. The bottle should have two cups of water and one to two teaspoons of the oil. Place a spray nozzle on the bottle and shake well.

Using Vinegar For Mold Removal
Distilled vinegar can also be used to eliminate mold. Vinegar successfully eliminates 99 percent of the harmful bacteria and 82 percent of mold. Vinegar also removes various germs. When using vinegar on affected areas, spray the area efficiently. After the affected area is covered with vinegar, leave it there for a few days; do not rinse the solution from the surface. After a few days, remove the mold from the area with soapy water.

Other Mold Removal Procedures
Water and a basic cleaning detergent removes mold too, but a lot of scrubbing is required. Using a detergent is a cheap solution; however, every mold spore may not be eliminated if the surface is not scrubbed efficiently.

To gain the best results, use natural mold removal products. These products are available at most Canadian stores, and they do not cause any harmful health problems.

Mold Prevention Procedures
Mold prevention procedures are very important. Moisture in the air causes mold problems. Whenever an area has moisture, mold will grow on numerous surfaces. The most common location where mold grows is in the bathroom shower. The moisture and steam cause the problems. To prevent bathroom mold growth, use a dehumidifier in the bathroom. The dehumidifier will keep the air dry.

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