Four Ways to Save Money on Product Packaging

Reducing overhead is a goal that you may regularly work toward in an effort to bolster your profit. There are numerous steps that most businesses can take to trim their budget, but an often-overlooked area relates to packaging supplies and product packaging. This is an expense that is related to each product that your company produces, so it can be tremendous. You may be able to save money on your commercial or industrial packaging efforts by turning your attention to these tips.

1. Adjust the Size and Shape of Your Packaging

Something as simple as changing the size and shape of your product packaging can have a major impact on overhead. Remember that the external packaging plays a role on the type and amount of internal packaging supplied needed to protect your products. More than that, the dimensions may affect the size of the larger box or pallet that they are shipped with.

2. Focus on Internal Packaging Supplies

Regardless of whether you use cardboard boxes or other types of shipping materials, you must turn your attention to the supplies used inside the packaging. For example, the cost of bubble wrap to protect fragile items is different than the cost of using firm plastic with twisty tie elements. If your external shipping packaging is not as protective, you may need to use more protective internal packaging supplies and materials.

3. Alter Your Materials

The type of materials that are used for your external packaging is also important when you want to keep overhead as low as possible. This includes the type of container that the product is given to customers in as well as the industrial packaging that is used to ship items together. For example, you may use a plastic bottle to hold your liquid product, but you may need to use cardboard boxes to ship dozens of bottles to stores to be sold. Both of these materials can potentially be altered to save money. For example, a lighter weight plastic could be used to save money on the material and on shipping costs. You can learn more information at Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd.

4. Think About Packaging Weight

All of your product packaging and shipping packaging affects the cost of shipment. The weight of these materials as well as the amount of materials used can result in higher or lower shipping costs. While you need to protect your goods from damage, you also need to find the most cost-effective materials to use.

As you can see, product packaging plays a major component on your overhead. More than that, it can affect how your customer uses the product, the condition that the product is in when it arrives at the marketplace and more. Analyzing your current packaging and shipping efforts is a smart idea if you want to reduce overhead.

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